This is a huge fan favorite creepy pasta back in the day. However when I first recorded this story it was edited. I was pretty new… but here’s the full unedited fucked up version. Enjoy everyone!

Featuring the lovely voice of CreepyMissusPasta

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Original story:

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Kevin MacLeod:

Cody Barney

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Cody Barney

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23 thoughts on “"The Dating Game" | CreepyPasta Storytime

  1. Yo, that was a twisted fucking story. Wasn't too keen on the torture stuff, though. It felt like the author tried to hard and used more shock value than necessary.

  2. Spoilers

    Gosh what an irritating MC lol 😂 like really? You go on a date with someone who looks exactly like your ex serial killer wife, who tells you she has minions?? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. I was listening to this while working on an essay and eating pizza. It ruined my meal and made me take a while to try to focus on my essay.

  4. Extremely heart wrenching and so terribly disturbing, but the reality is in this world of ours there are some people that are born with pure evil in them. A ticking time bomb ready when that trigger makes them cross from thinking those atrocities to acting on them!! Note though, if I ever had the chance to get ahold of someone not to mention a mom that does that to her own, I'd die before I'd let them suffer hard n hopefully kill them before I'd perish☆♡

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