Track Listing:

01 – Intro 01:21
02 – Lax Files 03:59
03 – State Of Emergency Feat. Ice Cube 03:39
04 – BulletProof Diaries Feat. Raekwon 04:52
05 – My Life Feat. Lil Wayne 05:21
06 – Money 05:13
07 – Cali Sunshine Feat. Bilal 04:33
08 – Ya Heard Feat. Ludacris 04:05
09 – Hard Liquor (Interlude) 01:51
10 – House Of Pain 04:32
11 – Gentleman’s Affair Feat. Ne-Yo 03:39
12 – Let Us Live Feat. Chrisette Michelle 04:39
13 – Touchdown Feat. Raheem DeVaughn 04:00
14 – Angel Feat. Common 04:28
15 – Never Can Say Goodbye Feat. Latoya 04:40
16 – Dope Boys Feat. Travis Barker 04:01
17 – Game’s Pain Feat. Keyshia Cole 04:22
18 – Letter To The King Feat. Nas 05:46
19 – Outro 01:28

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48 thoughts on “The Game – Dope Boys – LAX [dirty version]

  1. Shit like this never ever gets old. Real og music shaking through the streets and making the cement crack

  2. I like this song because it's an old favourite of mine. There's many more on this album I like and it was a great time playing he record and enjoying still to this today.

  3. By far nothing can compete with this track nor the album period. I grew up on the game please bring this chuck Taylor back!!

  4. Yeah, coming fresh out that 38 Street, white tee bald head banged out, head to toe with the black heat
    dont get into that life if it dont match you, on the block always posted up like a statue, ill hit you where it hurts foo, ask around just in case you didnt know, before you get filled with bullet holes, oh no! is what they be saying when we let the guns go, echo shots hearing familys tearing thru the neighborhood while im tearing up his back from the metal up in my strap, blasting first coz their aint no coming back, when that bullet pierces thru the right spot thats a fact, i put this target on your dome just like your fitted cap, peal your cap back bitch, always stay strapped, its big Nasty, who dont know about me better ask around, a homie like me, like all of us, majority and most of us like all who get in for the thrill to kill and will make a name for themseleves, catch a few bodys just to represent

  5. Runnin the rock like OJ
    Nigga it's a throwback
    Fuck a Aston Martin
    Show me where the stove at

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