We played the three games back-to-back for your viewing pleasure. Which one do you think looks the best out of the three? Very different graphic style despite the similar themed gameplay. Our money is on The Takeover.

The Takeover – 0:00
Raging Justice – 10:40
Streets Of Rage 4 – 21:15

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30 thoughts on “The Takeover Vs Raging Justice Vs Streets of Rage 4 – Which is Best?

  1. Damn I actually own Raging Justice and this was back when I was starving for a new beat em up. Looking at this video really shows me how ugly that game was. I made a big mistake on that one 🙁

    Just give me The Takeover, with SoR4's art style. Takeover is clearly the winner, but I can't stand that art.

  2. SOR4 by far. Still can't put it down. Just something about the takeover that bugs me but can't put my finger on it.

  3. I really don't like the look of Raging Justice. I bet it could be fun, but I am really not digging the hi res PS1/Saturn/N64 style. Takeover on the other hand actually looks pretty good.

    Streets of Rage 4 is a near masterpiece in my eyes. I may only like Final Fight more which could be because of nostalgia

  4. I have to agree with others here. Raging Justice has horrible animations. This is exactly what happens when taking too many shortcuts to animate instead of learning how animation works and applying the foundations of the craft to your 3D models. Bad collision detection, no anticipation, bad pacing…no good. The music is pretty bad too. I wouldn't pay money for this. The Takeover surprised me, I'll probably get that on Steam but I'll wait until the Switch version drops to see how it makes the jump. If the Switch version is really good, I may just buy both like I did for Streets of Rage 4.

    Obviously, Streets of Rage 4 is still the best modern beat-em-up of the bunch. Without question.

  5. Raging Justice looks awful and Takeover has pretty uninspired characters and moves so I'll go with SOR4 it's just so damn good.

  6. appreciate you using the girls, usually they show of the dudes !!! i love streets of rage 4 the most but is the only one i actually own , but if i had to put number on them ,streets of rage 4 #1 the take over #2 and last raging justice .

  7. I've got time for the takeover, I may get it for my Nintendo switch, but I can't see this beating my SOR4 experience on the ps4/switch, just on the online co-op alone.We literally had SOR4 chat parties based on teaming up with a partner for for SOR. That was something I've been waiting for for a long LONG time. During this pandemic SOR4 was an absolute breath of fresh air, the nostalgia came right back but now I could play with friends from the comfort of our homes, you just can't beat that, but I'll be happy to give this a try, I would rather team up with friends I can't lie, and I don't mean locally.

  8. Does Takeover have a collision detection problem of some sort?
    Nice graphics, however it seems like the distancing of connecting blows can't be judged accurately or constantly without aligning character on parallel grounds steadily.
    I'm also seeing enemies meters away from main character punching the air without anyone in front of them!!! Lol
    This is a massive shame as Tkeover has stunning graphics in terms of backdrops, lighting and rain fx etc.
    So now it goes in this order for me, no 1 being the best.

    Takeover last place although visually the most impressive, movement physics are not looking good and also quite slow compared to SOR4 but Raging is the slowest, however raging is mapped out better than Takeover.
    That's the thing with having 2D physics against 3d backdrops in Takover.

  9. Streets of Rage 4 and The Takeover are neck and neck; with Streets of Rage 4 being a bit ahead due to 4 player coop and being hand drawn. The Takeover really also captures the SOR feel and music style too (and came before SOR4). I can't pick between rhem; which is why I got them both. Raging Justice shouldn't be in this conversation; sorry but that game was bad. Like Batman Forever the arcade game bad.

  10. The Takeover definitely looks and plays more technical than the other two. It feels more in line with Double Dragon than SOR when it comes to combos.

  11. Ragin Justice has an interesting aesthetic with its prerendered graphics, the closest I can think of it like the Clayfighter games on SNES, or Killer Instinct. One gripe is that the characters each have an attack for enemies that are down on the ground, and you'llt ake a lot of damage hitting the enemies on the ground when there are enemies stood around you attacking. The game likes to fill the screen with enemies, and they c an sometimes snap out of your combo and hit you mid streak. SOR4 is pretty special, worthy of the name, but I'd say it isn't as good as SOR2. Definitely an essental purchase if you're a fan of the Streets Of Rage games, or beat 'em ups in general. I've not played The Takeover, but it looks decent. Might keep an eye out for it in a sale.

  12. I only own Raging Justice, its a fun and cheerful beat ‘em up. I enjoy being able to beat enemies laying on the ground in this game. I also love the cheerful color and bright environment in the game. Takeover looks like very serious game, latest SOR4 seems to fit in between the two, not too cheerful or serious. Will definitely get SOR4, hope Takeover will be ported to PS4 in the future 😀

  13. Got Streets of Rage 4 on release but didn't really know about the other two. Raging justice I'll pass on animations look too weird and sluggish but I really like The Takeover ended up buying it on steam, played it for a while and i love it. Got two great beat em ups to play now. Thanks for the vid would have never known of it otherwise.

  14. Both Takeover and Raging Justice are copycats of SoR and in my opinion don't nail what made the originals great. They also look a little weird and tacky for my taste like the art assets don't merge together.

    SoR all the way for me.

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