Play a good majority of the games on this list over here!

Join Kahi as we count down some of the most fun games throughout BIONICLE’s run, spanning from console to PC and even handhelds!

As with all Top 10 lists, this is very subjective and should not be considered absolute by any means. However, we at TTV all agree that the list is fairly strong.

But that’s our thoughts, do you have a different list in mind? Post your top 10 sets list in the comments below, and feel free to give us any suggestions for more top 10 lists in the future.

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47 thoughts on “The Top 10 Best BIONICLE Video Games

  1. I was always disappointed that the Voya Nui Online Game wasn't more like MMNOG2 and that the online game series never existed in other places like Metru Nui, Karda Nui or Bara Magna. I mean, Mata Nui always felt more of a fleshed out world anyway. But how cool would it have been to help reassemble the robot or play in a tournament in the Colosseum??

  2. MNOG II had the most amazing open world but I feel it lacked the atmosphere and isolation of MNOG I – the move to a third person perspective is a reason for this but also the story being much less tense (for good reason, II is literally just a look into the average life of a matoran rather than a grand adventure like I) – they’re both incredibly ambitious and wonderful titles but I think MNOG I was simply perfect because of its atmosphere.

  3. A while ago I got a bunch of old bionicle sets.
    Insert bionicle heroes advertisement at the back of every instruction book.

  4. This was kind of a weird top 10 list to make considering there aren't many more games than that. Also as much as I love Bionicle it says something when you have to include mobile games in a best of list for a franchise. I do love some of them but games are actually the area I really wish Bionicle got to explore more of. It's such a shame Legend Of Mata Nui and City Of Legends were cancelled because that's exactly what I wanted and if they turned out well I think they would've done a lot to grow the audience.

  5. All of them are mediocre or bad except the top 2. That contrast bugs me to this day they had a good thing at the start why didn’t they keep going. I would have been happy with a mnog style set in metru nui or mahri nui.
    And the piraka web game where you had to shoot stuff with zamor balls, that was fun too

  6. I watched this whole video just because i was looking for the one that got first. Such nostalgia i loved that game thank you

  7. There's an 06 game where you fight the piraka turrets and I still can't figure out which one it is. I remember it having an overhead view like the vnolg but also having the white and red piraka logo of the one where you play as a matoran collecting spheres

  8. WAIT , the Voya Nui online game is , very , very , very similar to a mmorpg named "Dofus" who was famous in France back in 2006

  9. I remember playing MNOG I and II ages ago. Those were good times. And Bionicle Heroes was still pretty fun

  10. I never liked VNOG. idk why. Maybe the lack of direction. Piraka Attack and Inika Island Assault were always more my jam despite my love for RPGs.

  11. Voya Nui Fetch Game is more like it. That game was fun the first hour, but after Garan sends you to get more stuff form halfway across the isaldn and you have to just jump back and forth between the stronghold and his hideout… guh. It gets really unfun really fast.

  12. 1. Bionicle The Game
    2. Bionicle Heroes
    3. Bionicle Matoran Adventures

    Anything else is irrelevant with the exception of the Mata Nui Online games.

  13. No Inika Island Assault or Matoran escape?, those shits turned me from a kid into a fucking juggernaut. I expected heroes to be in a higher spot since it is a so fucking beautifully made game but at least it appeared and I NEVER got tired of it to this day. There should also have been the 2007 games.

  14. Bionicle Heroes is definitely number 1 because of how the game's graphics, quality, story, upgrades and enemies from different sets, and more plus it came out in 2006 which is amazing for a 2006 game at that time i dont see why it is rating 6 on the list! this is my opinion but i think putting it on 6th place has a caused lot of haters for this.

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