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Today I reupload the arrangement by Animenz of the awesome opening song “This Game” from “No Game No Life”. I improved the midi and audio in many different ways. Enjoy!

Check out his awesome performance:

Sheet Music and Midi:

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Composer(s): Super Sweep, Konomi Suzuki

Arrangement © Animenz (2014)
Original Music © Madhouse (2014)

Nguồn: https://mvvfest.org/

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31 thoughts on “This Game – No Game No Life (Opening) [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Animenz

  1. for anyone who is actually trying to learn this, at 0:40 there aren’t 2 F notes after the F C F chord. just to keep true to the original

  2. This is the cover that made me want to watch the anime years ago, this and the original music was really really beautiful.
    Knuff said

  3. I can play this but not the exact notes, like for example instead of doing a bunch of jumping chords, you can just play 3 notes of one chord in a certain way so it sounds not better but very similar and easier for the left hand

  4. Step one: do some cocaine
    Step two: move your hands at mk 20
    Step three: bleed heavily from your fingers

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