Tokyo Highway (four-player edition)
2–4 Players
Designer Naotaka Shimamoto, Yoshiaki Tomioka
Artist Yoshiaki Tomioka
Publisher itten

Tokyo Highway is a dexterity game where players compete against each other to construct highways of various lengths and heights. Players will attempt to weave their highways underneath or over their opponent’s roads in order to place coloured wooden cars out. The player who can efficiently construct their highway out so that they fulfil or create a combo before the other players do will win the game.

Dexterity games test players both physical and mental strength. Constructing highways in Tokyo can be a very daunting yet crafty job. Players will need to look at their construction from multiple angles and perspectives. If they cause another players’ highway or their own to collapse they will need to take a penalty by handing over their equipment to the affected players.

In the style of games like Pick Up Sticks and Jenga, Tokyo Highway stands itself apart not only in its ingenuity but also in its table presence. This is one to show off to your friends for sure.

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9 thoughts on “Tokyo Highway | Board Game Review & Runthrough

  1. My god I was stuck in a room with 3 other people for an hour trying to figure this game out.
    Even after watching this video I have no idea how the rules work xD

  2. 4:35 Wouldn't that be a quadruple combo? Since the orange highway crosses the green players highway as well?

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