These are the guys that stabbed you in the back when you least expected it. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Betrayals. Check us out at and

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Betrayals

  1. I act like being a girl in minecraft become the pros gf kill him tp to my partner give him 50% of the stuff change name and skin and do it again…

  2. You should have included the betrayal in Mafia 3. That was both the harshest and the most unexpected betrayal.

  3. To me it was the 2018 game where this cop helps a prisoner escape. The prisoner thinks he’s also a prisoner, but he attempts to turn you on while you’re on the run. You can either kill him or he kills you. The saddest part is that the real prisoner was falsely convicted.

  4. What about that prison game, where the dude helps you escape then attempts to turn you in because he’s a cop.

  5. Wait what lol, bastilla saved you and was turned to the dark side. The revan thing was the reveal. How did you guys even think that she was betraying you

  6. 3:36 I used so many of my time and my resource building a large number of Bunker with full of Terran and Missile Turret around the zerg base to make sure that they will not become the surprise enemy when I completely destroy all of Protoss base. My concern became true but more worse than I think, I got overwhelm by a horde of zerg unit and all I can do now is just watch in shock.

  7. Bruz The Chopper betrayal anyone from Shadows of War when he stabs you from behind and takes your fortress from you.

  8. For the Dead Space franchise they have went with Kendra Daniels. Her betrayal towards the end of the game had a far more emotional impact.

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