This video is about a new way of easily coding and diagnosing your BMW using any android device. Protool is an alternative to NCS expert and INPA that is all in ENGLISH! In this video I also show a NewAir fridge that is great for any shop or garage.



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11 thoughts on “Ultimate BMW Diagnostic and Coding tool! – PROTOOL

  1. Hi just came across your video liked and subscribed.

    You seem an expert. I was hoping I can ask you a couple of questions.

    I have a 2004 e60 with zero issues from a software and electrical point of view and I must say I am a very risk averse person and a bit of a novice when it comes to car and software but cars have become a weighs hobby and I would love to experiment a bit more.

    I would love to code a few simple things such as tv in motion, folding mirrors, removing disclaimer message etc.

    Question is given I have no issues with my car do I risk damaging my modules with this software ? Is it safe or have there been instances modules have been bricked?

    Would greatly appreciate your views.

  2. Amazing as usual…… Im planning to do all of your retrofit mods on mine in the near future at least now I have a good ref. Are you considering to do the euro headlight auto leveling mod or not worth it ?

  3. Hello, my name is Mike. I'm still trying to get familiar with the protool app. I was trying to get my low beam xenon headlights to come back on. They were on before I coded the car. Can you help me out, please

  4. Looks really good, better than Carly. However as well as not supporting my E46 as you mentioned it doesn't support my E86 either so not of much use unfortunately. Maybe E86 (and E85) will also be added soon too?

  5. Damnit… I was hoping I could find retail programming software that could decide things that are car specific, like clusters, or gm5, on the E46….
    I think Ill just bite the bullet on the BMW software, as I don't plan on getting rid of my E46, without replacing it with another.

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