As a designer (product, experience etc.) you probably found it hard to keep up with every single tool in the market. Every year there is a brand new tool that allows designers to craft their prototypes in a different way. And so, I decided to pull a list of key contenders when it comes to UX prototyping. These popular prototyping tools are commonly used for variety of use cases with its pros and cons. In this video I’ll walk you through a handful of criteria/principles that allow me to pick the right UX tool for the right project, budget, occasion etc. You’ll also find out my thinking behind evaluating which tools are worth the time to invest and learn based on asymmetrical opportunity/Lindy effect.

The tools I’m walking through:
Sketch, Axure RP, Adobe XD, Principle App, Flinto, Draftium, Invision, Invision Studio, FramerX, Supernova Studio, Marvel, Webflow, Protopie, Proto.io, Atomic and the Origami Studio.

New (2020) version can be found here:

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30 thoughts on “UX Prototyping Tools: How to Pick the Right One

  1. I don't agree Sketch is easy to use than XD, and I don't see Sketch evolving more than Figma or XD. But I believe if Figma was in this comparison, it could be one of the first App to choose.

  2. Thanks for the comprehensive video! I’m wondering what program you would recommend for animating an app with exportable HTML or JSON code?

    I’m looking at Flow, AfterEffects with BodyMovin, and Proto.io. Are there are others you would recommend?

  3. I'm confused… Why is invision and invision studio different and why do you have them completely on opposite sides of future relevance? That seems strange if they are literally made by same company or part of same product.

  4. Thanks for the video, it was very useful! Would you able to save a JPG version of this document that you created? I'd love to reference it and put it on my wall. Thanks in advance! Sophie

  5. Hi there, I loved watching this video, very informative. I am an experienced advertising man and graphic design. You can check out my works here https://dribbble.com/melpau and https://www.instagram.com/hiletswork/

    My approach to you is because I am new (less than a month) in the coding world so I am very inexperienced and I want to know if Adobe XD is good at animation or any other better? My plan is to show clients apps that I can prototype in XD or other like Invision and be able to replicate that app in real code using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Is this possible to achieve or I am so wrong?

    I would appreciate your help.

  6. As soon as just saw those scale handlers, I knew this was the right review video for prototyping tools.

  7. I'd like to use XD for design and prototype, but most companies require sketch ability in Korea lol. I didn't want to pay for 🙁 But i already paid , i think XD or Figma and Origami are so useful for students, now i think i didn't need to pay for studying web , ui design

  8. I have ZERO experience coding, but would love to make a high-fidelity/functioning prototype to take to investors. What would be my best bet? I'm between Figma, Axure, and Bubble. A prerequisite is that it needs to be able to be worked off of to create the MVP down the line, so that the dev team doesn't have to re-create the wheel. I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

  9. Adobe XD is free and very easy to use if you have experience using Adobe products like illustrator and photoshop.

  10. After watching this video I selected Origami, because its free. and Sketch because its overall better. Both are available only on Mac. Which is the best UI/UX design software available on Windows?

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