Why does this dating simulator even exist?! Today we’re going on a fanfiction date with eyeless Jack. Yes, you read that right. It’s a creepypasta dating sim lol. CLICK THE 🔔 TO JOIN THE RAD FAM!

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“Somehow you have ended up going on a date with the infamous creepypasta character Eyeless Jack. The two of you will be going to a fancy restaurant and he’s supposed to try and not hurt you during the date, what about afterwards then? Well, that depends on how well the date goes. Based on an interactive RP quiz on Quotev.”

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35 thoughts on “Who created this FREAKY DATING GAME?! | A Date With Eyeless Jack

  1. A creepypasta fanfiction dating simulator… this might be the most embarrassed I've ever been while making a video. Please enjoy! XD

  2. I like this Kind of dates … i love Eyeless Jack ( i think is not embarassing ) i mean when you talk to Kind of this creepypasta killer … OMG i talk too much sorry 🙁

  3. Oh love your video that you made
    It a new video that you made
    And just be nice I know what
    Going to happen when you or not
    Nice at all

  4. I would pull out the cat puns XD
    Me: say something mean to me
    Freind:okay……you have big feet
    Me: you hurt my felines like the cat get it? I have no regrets

  5. I think the fact that you legit got all dolled up for a date with a fictional dead guy is my new favorite thing ever. Silly… And gorgeous… But very silly

  6. Yeah, that definitely ended differently than I expected. Also, the while thing with him being able to see or cry without eyes is interesting to think about. Awesome job on the video!

  7. My idea of a date would be Godiva and Texas De Brazil. Or Salad Bar if you don't eat meat. Glad you are ok.

  8. Hahahaha! This is so funny! Idk where you found this but this is gold. You seem like such a fun person to talk to! 😂😂 Seems like Eyeless Jack agreed 😉 (Also never thought I’d say that lmao)

  9. GitRad Kaylena : Eyeless Jack is someone I wouldn't think anyone would go on a date with !
    Clive Barker : Even Pinhead who doesn't do a decent nice thing through eight movie's but some how or other still manages to get fan mail from women wanting to bear his children !
    Robert Englund : Hold my beer…
    (Robert Englund best known for portraying the original Freddy Krueger claims to get scripts, not letters but scripts from female fans describing extreme sexual fantasies about freddy, so it wouldn't surprise me if there were people wanting to date eyeless jack lol)

  10. Another great video! Definitely didn't see that ending coming lol. By the way I'm so glad you're making more video game vids again. These are always so much fun to watch! 😁

  11. Well hell's spells. I think I'd be gone when I seen the bloody hoodie. If like to keep my liver.😂😎😂 This seems like it would be a fun game but creepy too. Keep up the good work for real.

  12. GitRad you’re really always most soooo cool coolest kindest sweet nice great kind favorite friend everytime

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