Please watch this video through to the end instead of blindly defending a game that definitely needs improvement. I try my hardest to come off as a neutral party and just point out the flaws.

Have you wondered why a lot of people have been giving Five Nights at Freddy’s World or FNAF World a bad rap? No, it’s not a hatred for the franchise. It’s because the gameplay mechanics of the game are not quite up to snuff for the genre it’s trying to join.

It has an active time battle system without a way to tell you when to attack, it doesn’t describe attack information and basically gives you no way to figure out how to play the game without jumping in blindly.

And yes, this video is a parody of Game Theory by TheGameTheorists. They’re an awesome channel and you should check them out.

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32 thoughts on “WHY FNAF World is *CURRENTLY* a Bad RPG

  1. you always say like
    Its trying to be original. If it would be the same with the other games it would get MORE hate for copying the battle system. Please Shut Up, no one asked for your opinion.

  2. I mean……fnaf world is fun because you collect characters and it’s fun and ok maybe the game isn’t amazing but it’s fun well to me anyway

  3. I understand but Scott is not use to this when you made 4 or 5 but he not good with PRGS he tried 4 and failed he wanted to retry but Failed again poor man..

  4. actully thats the point its just a random game have fun find secret if it was like you said it was going to be like the other games just the same

  5. Your opinion is great. I like all of the fnaf games except of fnaf world. Fnaf world ruined everything.

  6. Hey fnaf world is good rpg in my opinion its full with funny characters and interesting musics its full of energy every time i played it i fill energicly

  7. 1. It does show the attacks
    2. No enemy has weaknesses
    3. You litterly don't know what scott was going for.

  8. Am sorry to say but I like fnaf world its a good game i have played it about 1 billion times its that good good game Scott and I even play it in 2018

  9. Rpgs were what i grew up with i never played killing games and games not for my age am i rare most people i know play violent games and grew up with them, mario was my favourite but i was a responsable kid and rare for actually playing kid rpg games

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