No-commentary gameplay of Willow. US Version. Arcade. Hardest difficulty (Hardest). Nando Speed Normal (this means the number and speed of apparition of random enemies. In very fast the game becomes impossible) Game completed with 1 credit. Played with MamePlus 0.134. No tools, cheats, autofire, re-recording or save states were used.

Willow is a superb game from Capcom based on the famous fantasy film of the late 80s. This game is simply brilliant, everything is outstanding here. I’d say that is probably one of the best games from a film franchise ever released.

The game is quite similar to Warner/Pyros from Toaplan. It shares the same mechanics, even the shops to buy new items, but everything is improved.

I used to think that this game was quite hard back on the day, but after playing again recently, I discovered that the most important thing is knowing what to buy, more than having skill. You should always buy the weapon upgrades, which make the game a lot easier. The highest peak of difficulty can be found in the cart chase. After that the game gets again easy.

Capcom also released a Willow game for the Nes. The game is completely different from this one, and it’s more similar to The Legend of Zelda. Anyway, the game is also great.

To sum up, I can only say that this game is fantastic and you should try it if you haven’t done so far.

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48 thoughts on “Willow Completed 1 Coin No Death Hardest Arcade

  1. The name of the FBI director that appears on the warning message at the begging happened to passed away the same day I found this video…today.

  2. Willow’s little spear-throwing assistant clearly appears to be immortal. I wonder why the mission to save Elora wasn’t assigned to him.

  3. maybe one day you will realize that 4:3 games shouldn't be played and displayed in 16:9 (and with that bad mame filter on)

  4. So pissed I never got to play this arcade version. Looks way more exciting and gorgeous than that fucked 8 bit graphics. The soundtrack was better for 8 bit, though. 😆

  5. I remember playing this game once in an arcade. I never saw it again after that and when my brother rented Willow on the NES, I was excited. But then I realized the NES Willow was a completely different game and I was somewhat disappointed. NES Willow though is a good game, but this arcade port sadly eluded my entire childhood. If it weren’t for YouTube I would have completely forgotten it.

  6. My seventh grade English teacher made us write a paper as one of the characters of the movie 🤷‍♂️

  7. 10:14 That jump is extremely difficult. How do you execute it?
    12:32 I think he should have used the spell that turns enemies into double value coins on the boss as the final hit. More money.
    32:10 I never beat this game because of the set of jumps here. The only times I've got past here were a fluke.

  8. What a beautiful game! Side-scrolling hack-and-slash platformer! Got this on the Pandora's Box in HD baby!

  9. Very well done and thank you for uploading this. This game brings back memories for me of when I was a child and playing video games in the arcade

  10. Music, Graphics, scope and even story well done for this arcade game. The only complaint is the jarring charing FX.

  11. Pounded another beer and just beet this one credit clear finally. Felt so good. Amazing game. Thanks for the help

  12. Been working on this one for a couple years now on default difficulty / speed. Just did a two credit clear. I can feel the one credit clear coming soon. I've been referencing this video once in a while. Thanks dor the upload.

    Got a question, is the brownie bonus character of any use? On the snow level he attacks the boss but doesn't seem to do any damage. I think he fetches coins once in a while. I've been avoiding him because he distracts me.

  13. Talk about a more fun and advanced ghost and gobilns, while capcom on the nes made a more advanced and fun legend of zelda with willow lol.

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