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PeanutButterGamer and SpaceHamster play the WORST Nintendo Wii game ever? Or at least the worst they’ve played on the show so far.

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Edited by Todd! (RatedSGames)

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20 thoughts on “WORST Wii Game We've Played?! – Iron Chef America

  1. 1st Alton Gets His Money Stolen by That Fucking Enron Guy,Now he Has His Face,&,Voice in This,Poor AB

  2. Creators on Iron Chef America when your game is being compared to cooking mama or minute to win it wii you know you’ve hit rock bottom

  3. Just Googled What The End is to This Game,There’s a Boss Battle at The Very End,That I Really Wish You Guys Had Gotten to

  4. At least they aren't as bad as anything made by Data Design Interactive even Blameitonjorge agrees.

  5. 10:00 n̵̯͓̖̯̖͚̣̼̺͓̈́̃́́̊0̸̠̲́́̉͊̃̄̑͘͝!̶̨̯͎̠̯̱͖̜̫͗͑̔̚̕͘͘

  6. "Cooked or be Cooked" was a better cooking video game than this one. It's also from Food Network. One of two. Also on the Wii. You can see why that is.

  7. We needs a Peebs shirt of him holding two Wiimotes shaking them furiously, and the text will just read "How Many Slices?!"

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